Know when to hold them, know when to fold them…

Training Lessons From Kenny Rodgers

I have to say I have a bit of a soft spot for Kenny Rodgers “The Gambler” it’s a bit corny but reminds me of hearing it on the radio growing up.

Twice this last week in my training, I have had to fold them, both occasions on a run. One I wasn’t too bothered about the other was a little disconcerting.

Last Friday I was doing my second run of the week which includes two blocks at 10k tempo pace. This week the goal was 2 blocks of 10 minutes. All was going well until minute 9 of the second block when I could feel my form significantly deteriorate so I stopped. Continue reading “Know when to hold them, know when to fold them…”

A total pain in the…

Pain is a strange beast

Pain is a strange beast with so many different things affecting how you perceive it. It is, therefore, no surprise that most do not realise that it is primarily simply a warning that something might have happened.

Yes, pain doesn’t tell you that you have injured your self only that you might have!

How can this be I hear you ask?

Like many things, it’s all about context. There are conversations I have with friends that would be entirely inappropriate to have with others. This is because the shared, 40+ years in some cases, history isn’t there. They know I’m joking etc when it at first glance doesn’t sound like I am etc.

Pain is very like this. How you perceive it is based a lot on your own individual history. All your experiences, both in relation to painful events, both emotional and physical, illness and general social support, what you do for a living and more go into how you perceive pain. Continue reading “A total pain in the…”

Is Sports Massage for me?

Sports Massages here at PST focus on relieving tension, aches, pain, and stiffness. We allow you to move easily, free from restrictions and not have to worry about your upcoming plans for the days ahead. Having provided Sports Massage for the people of Edinburgh for over 14 years we still hear people ringing up asking whether they would benefit from a sports massage.

Our clients who are involved in sport find it to be a great recovery tool but the truth is, our Sports massage is for absolutely ANYONE!


Why do I say it is for anyone?

Stress and tension and the need to relax and recover aren’t the exclusive domain of sports people. We all need a little TLC from time to time and regular sports massage is a great way to help with this. It has the added benefit of meaning that any potential problems will get picked up before they become an issue!



Actually, did I say that only 50% of our clients who come in for massage participate in the sport! The other 50% of our clients range from office workers (or anyone else who gets aches and tension at work), those who enjoy light movement, going for walks or even gardening.


For the majority of people simple tasks such as picking up your child/ grandchild, bending over to pick something off the floor, sat at a computer all day or even walking the dog are difficult due to aches, pains, tension, and stiffness.


Book your Sports Massage today by calling 0131 226 5696

Or if you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help. You can also book a call and we’ll call you at a time that is convenient to answer any questions you may have.






Plantar fasciopathy – a pain in the foot.

Plantar fasciopathy is a problem with the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a band of strong, thick connective tissue that spans the base of the foot from the calcaneus, your heel bone, to the toes. It plays a large role in increasing the strength of the arches of the foot, tying the bones of the foot together to prevent them collapsing under your weight.

plantar fasciopathy Continue reading “Plantar fasciopathy – a pain in the foot.”

The 5 best races for runners in Scotland

With such a wide range of amazing scenery on display Scotland is a great place for running be the events on the road or off road. There are races the cover everything from the flat expanses of East Lothian to highest peak that Scotland has to offer and everything in-between.

So suffice to say whatever type of race takes your fancy you are likely to be able to find it somewhere in the country.



Continue reading “The 5 best races for runners in Scotland”

Edinburgh Marathon offer

It’s around 12 weeks to the Edinburgh Marathon and 6 weeks to the Edinburgh Great Run so many of you may be in full training mode preparing for them. To help with your preparation we are running a special offer through March where we are reducing the price of our block booking offers to £215 for 6 appointments and £110 for 3 appointments, full price for 6 appointments is £270 and £135 respectively.

Workshop on training your core

In this workshop we cover some of the basics of training the core such as correct bracing strategies/abdominal engagement through to more advanced exercises and progressions for more familiar ones such as the glute bridge, plank and side plank, bird dog. The idea behind it is to both teach you how to make your training of this area more effective and to show you it doesn’t need to be either complicated or take hours to complete.

The workshop will run on Saturday 7th Feb at 13:00 and the cost is £25.

Brain smudging

As I mentioned earlier in the week I’ll be posting regular links to various blog posts and videos about aspects of pain in an attempt to increase our understanding of what is happening when we injure ourselves. This is a great video on Brain Smudging by the David Butler of NOI group in Australia.