Sports Massage

Sports Massage refers to the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body. Outside of the pre and post event, the focus is on aiding recovery in general. Regular sports massage can aid the improvement of movement quality. This is achieved through reducing tension from stress and can give a better sense of body awareness.

sports massage

How sports massage helps

The aim of sports massage is to aid general recovery. In a recent study,  you can also download the paper in the link, showed distinct benefits when IronMan triathletes received sports massage to their quads after the event. Previously these types of studies have been gym based and the exercise component has been quite short rather than after several hours of activity as in an IronMan. The study found that the athletes that received treatment had significantly lower scores in terms of perceived levels of pain and fatigue than those that did not receive any treatment.

What if you aren’t involved in any sports?

Sports massage can still be of benefit even if you’re not involved in a sport. Whilst you may do some exercise it isn’t that regular or hard? You can still benefit for similar reasons as those involved in sports do. We tend to forget that outside of professional sport, pretty much everybody,  our biggest stressor is work. It is not how much or what exercise we do. So there may not be the physical stress of exercise we can still suffer as a result of the mental stress of our jobs. Spending so time on the massage table can help with dealing with the general stresses of life. You can use the time spent getting a sports massage as a bit of “you” time to switch off from the other parts of your life.