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  • Colin is the best therapist I've ever visited. I'm 6'4" and rather heavy-set and several other therapists haven't been able to work to the depths required to actually do me any good. Colin's skill and strength have helped resolve a number of unpleasant little problems. After an unsuccessful rehabilitation by NHS physiotherapists after a motorcycle accident, Colin corrected my gait, and my stance. The treatment combined deep massage to free off some badly seized muscles, and exercises to re-train me to walk correctly again. The exercises worked on both my physical and mental issues - learning to re-use my muscles properly and not to give in to the fear of failing and falling. I can now walk comfortably for miles. Before treatment, 500 yards would see me in pain so severe I had to stop and rest. I have a sedentary job, and still suffer ongoing issues with the muscles of my neck and shoulder. This is an ongoing project, but vastly improved from what it used to be, where I couldn't actually raise my arm above my head without pain. Colin has educated me that long-term causes do not have short-term solutions. I have recommended Colin to friends and colleagues, for all manner of physical conditions. He is a skilled professional, with the interests of the patient put above all else. He explains what is wrong in clear and understandable terms, and then proceeds to treat the problem, not the symptoms. The man is a genuine healer, and I'm delighted we found him after so many disappointing alternative.

    Derek Richardson
  • As an office worker and a golfer who has suffered from tightness and upper back pain for many years. I have been seeing Colin regularly for many years and see two major benefits. Firstly, the maintenance massage keeps me pain free. Secondly, the work we do on mobility and flexibility allows me to work on improving my golf swing without any constraints from underlying mobility problems. Colin works on building a good relationship with the client and understanding what they are trying to do in their chosen sport and then helping them achieve that through increased mobility, strength and flexibility.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Colin as a sports therapist. If you are a serious participant in any sport and you want to augment coaching, practice and exercise with specialist sports therapy, then I can honestly say Colin is the best I know of.

    Derek Ireland
  • Colin has been my go to physical therapist for 8+ years, he helped to keep me mobile and positive pre spinal surgery and has maintained my back, as and when required, ever since. I appreciate his knowledge, skill and no nonsense approach all delivered with a good sprinkling of humour!

    Treatment by Colin is a partnership, he will identify the problem and conscientiously treat it but the exercises he sends you away with are an important component of ongoing fitness and thanks to his pursuit of knowledge and attendance at courses he always has a few new exercises to introduce whenever I have a treatment… And I do them!

    I love the new clinic premises, Central and easy to get to and the therapy area is part treatment room, part gym – it is a no frills space that is all about the treatment and physical health without the added fluff! Colin is passionate about what he does, he is respectful, professional and effective and I always know I have been treated by a safe pair of hands

    Fiona Dagge-Bell
  • As both a soldier and a dedicated, yet mad (self-confessed!) endurance athlete, my body has been victim to multiple lower-limb overuse injuries. Colin has worked with enthusiasm and sound judgement to condition my body for such rigorous activity. With his advice and techniques, I have developed not only greater flexibility and posture, but he has taught me how to remain injury-free for long-term physical gain. I continue to consult with Colin, as he recommends really suitable exercises that ensure my training is innovative and that I am not causing myself undue physical stress!

    Struan Cunningham
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