Welcome to Performance Sports Therapy.

My name is Colin Gordon and I am Performance Sports Therapy.

I specialise in helping Everyday Athletes achieve the goals of their dreams.
I know how important keeping fit and healthy is to you.
And don’t buy into the idea of having to stop just because you’re injured.
It is something I hear all too often and in a word it is…
If you want to recover from an injury.
To stay injury and pain-free, be as active as possible.
Continuing to challenge yourself physically then you must stay active.
And I can definitely help you keep moving towards your goals as you deal with any hiccups.
It is my mission to impact the lives of those I work with in such a way that…
I instil the confidence in you to tackle any challenge…
Increase the enjoyment you get pursuing your dreams…
And help you be the best you can be.
I’ve worked with professional dancers, rugby, football and cricket players, Tour de France cyclists. Honing my treatment process so that I can provide the best service possible for people like you.
With over 15 years experience in helping people like you run faster, lift more and have fun with your families.
We have everything you need to help you be injury-free and as active as possible.


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