Welcome to Performance Sports Therapy.

My name is Colin Gordon and I own Performance Sports Therapy.

At PST we specialise in helping fitness enthusiasts in their 40’s and 50’s be the best they can be.

We know how important keeping fit and healthy is to you.

If you are hoping to be injury and pain free, be as active as possible, and continue to challenge yourself physically then we can definitely help you.

It is our mission to impact the lives of those we work with in such a way that enhances their enjoyment of doing those activities they love to do.

With 10+ years experience helping people run faster, lift more and have fun with their families you can count on us. We have everything you need to help you be injury and pain free and as active as possible.

We are awesome at injury rehab and have worked with professional football and rugby players, Tour de France cyclists, the Riverdance Troupe and New Zealand cricket. Most importantly though lots of people like yourself who want to keep on challenging themselves.

If you would like more information check out our blog and Facebook page where you’ll find tips and advice covering a range of topics to help you stay active.


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