It’s ok to be sore

I’ll let you into a secret…

It’s ok to be sore.

“ …he gave me the confidence to understand the feedback my knee was giving me and when it was OK to push through any pain.”

And Aaron didn’t know the difference anymore between the kind of pain that comes with hard work and the kind that is telling you something has gone wrong.

But if you’ve been unable to run for more than a mile before being crippled with pain it’s a hard one to get your head around.

And if he was to get back running he needed to be able to tell the difference…

Especially as he was training for the London marathon.

But it doesn’t just apply to running.

Your training, regardless of what it is, shouldn’t result in you being in pain.

Yet if you don’t have a few aches and pains from time to time and you likely aren’t training hard enough.

This doesn’t mean you should be sore all the time…

After a tough session then yeah, you can expect a few aches…but day to day?


Normal aches and pains should come and go…

They also shouldn’t be in the same place all the time.

If they are, it’s an indicator you might want to check things out before they become a bit more than a minor annoyance.

It doesn’t mean you’re injured, simply that the area is getting a bit overloaded.

Sit back and have a look at what you’ve been doing…

Is there a common factor relating to a particular pain point?

If there is, that might be all you might need is to change things up a little.

So don’t fear pain. Learn the difference between normal training aches and pains and those that are the harbingers of doom.

That way you can be confident about pushing things but also know when you should back off.

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