Knee pain

I had been experiencing pain in around both knees recently and it reminded me of a couple of articles by Art Riggs on knee pain and various aspects that need to be taken into consideration when treating it.

Knee pain can come in many forms from meniscal damage to condromalacia but often overlooked are simple muscular/fascial problems in the clamour for something “exciting” to be the problem. When we do get injured or suffer from any of the number of knee conditions that can affect the movement of the knee the condition/injury is often our main concern but we forget that these problems all result in the knee not functioning properly. We develop compensatory movement  patterns due to the pain that affects the knee from the condition/injury or the surgery carried out to repair the damaged area. Sendentary individuals can develop similar problems due to the fact that the knee is flexed for long periods of the day reuslting in the inability to fully extend the knee. Continue reading “Knee pain”

The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone, the hamstrings to the suboccipitals

I found this short article on Carson Boddicker’s blog pretty interesting. In it he talks about how release of the suboccipitals  through a simple PNF stretch can result in a greater increase in hip mobility than a similar treatment for the hamstrings themselves. This is of particular interest for the office worker/runner since I’ve yet to come across anybody who spends any amount of time in front of a PC who didn’t need work to both areas but the suboccipitals in particular and yet again highlights the interconnected nature of our body.

CORE Myofascial Therapy

At the weekend I completed the CORE Myofascial Therapy certification program. The class was run by George Kousaleos, the founder of the CORE Institute in Tallahasse, Fl, and ran for 6 pretty intense days. While quite “full on” it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience with the course covering; Myofascial Spreading, Arthrokinetics, CORE Foot Specific work, CORE Release, CORE Back Specific and End work.  Continue reading “CORE Myofascial Therapy”

Home work

Using a high density foam roll is becoming quite popular to enable you to do a bit of “home work” I have one myself and use it between hands on sessions. This a pretty reasonable video of how to get the best out of one.

Run barefoot

barefoot running

If you are preparing for a marathon.. while I’m not suggesting you look to change the way you run now, or to run barefoot, this guy has some interesting things to say.

Barefoot runningbarefoot running