Osteoarthritis – The End Of The Road?

It is not unusual to see people who have been informed that they have changes in a joint related to osteoarthritis. Two cases I have come across recently were handled completely differently.

The first was informed that, yes there were signs of osteoarthritis but don’t worry you don’t need to stop running. The second was similarly told that there were signs of arthritis but that was about it. No other advice was given or suggestions made.

Not surprisingly their point of view about the pain they were suffering was a bit different

Pain – it’s complicated

Pain is made up of different factors from the physical and emotional to cognitive and lifestyle factors. It is an emotion designed to keep us from harm. To protect us from doing damage, or further damage to ourselves.

Pain is not simply a result of tissue damage.

The changes in the joint structure are only one component of the recipe that goes to make up a pain experience. If you are in pain for a long time then other changes will occur.  You will start to move differently and likely you will avoid certain activities.

This will often lead to muscles stiffen a tighten through lack of use.

Some areas will work get less work whilst others will get more. This in itself can cause things to get work as the work which was previously well distributed is now spread unevenly.

None of this is something to get in a panic about and there is plenty that can be done.

The person 1st

Both the cases above went through our 6 step rehab plan and saw significant changes. One no longer gets the pain they experienced going up and down stairs and the other is back running.

With both, it wasn’t a case of special treatment because there had been talk of arthritis. Instead, we addressed those changes that had come about because of the pain they had been experiencing.

They were both treated as people with goals. Who wanted to be more active and not be in pain. Thereby adhering to the principle of treating the person first and foremost not the injury. The end result was that they achieved these results and the one who wanted to return to running is running better than she has in years.

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