Stuck in a rut – the power of questions

Up until quite recently I was convinced I simply just couldn’t lose weight. I tried and it worked for a little while then nothing. Counting calories was a pain so I tried other ways but the same results each time.

Couldn’t be bothered was more the reason than it not working for me. I couldn’t find the motivation until I asked the right questions of myself.

Questions are incredibly powerful when we get them correct.

I was able to previously convince myself that I was ok with it/where I was. The benefit to me was that I didn’t have to undertake the hassle of weighing food and possibly feeling a bit hungry…oh poor me.

The Correct Question

I then asked myself the correct question. 

What do I really want to achieve this year?

In fitness terms, I’m far stronger than I will ever need to be so don’t really have anything there. Plus as we get older absolute strength really doesn’t matter and being overall fit and healthy is much more important.

So there were a few answers to this but the one that made the difference was that I want to run a 45 minute 10k or get under 22 minutes for a 5k.

I know I could get close without the weight loss but 5kg is worth 1min/5km!

No brainer really. Get rid of the excess baggage and I’m well on the weigh here given my 10k PB is 49 minutes in a poorly paced run.

I am currently 10kg lighter than the start of the year and the best thing about it is I’m rarely hungry. Well, rarely that hungry. I have probably another 5-10kg left to go but I’m cool with it.

The plus side to this is reduced stress from running. I wasn’t getting injured with my running but it being less stressful is a bonus and reduces the chances of overuse injuries.


So if you are dealing with a long-term problem that you have resolved here are a couple of questions for you.

Is there any advantage to you to be in pain at the moment?


What will you gain from staying the same?

Both these questions are applicable to any health or fitness goal not just dealing with longstanding pain/injury.

If you would like to have a chat about any goals or injuries you may have or how to adjust your training in relation to it,  you can arrange a free phone call. or click on this one if you’d like to enquire about an appointment.

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