As I mentioned earlier in the week I'll be posting regular links to various blog posts and videos about aspects of pain in an attempt to increase our understanding of what is happening when we injure ourselves. This is a great video on Brain Smudging...

  striding-151823_1280 We all want to move better, more fluently and smoothly. A quick take home I got from the DMS course last weekend was that most of us, I include myself here, don't really use our arms correctly when we walk. What we are more likely to do is get what appears to be arm swing from rotation of the shoulder girdle rather than from the shoulder joint itself. 

There is a huge amount written about why we should have good posture and what it looks like so that we don't get a sore back, neck etc yet there is little or no evidence that posture has any relationship to whether or not you are going to experience back or neck pain, check out the studies below. Many other factors can influence the chances of you experiencing pain ranging from stress levels to how much movement you get in your day. What can happen when we are sitting or are generally immobile for long periods is that changes in the chemistry of the tissues can occur such that you may feel sore. This can be alleviated by simply getting up and moving around regularly and isn't related to the the position/posture that you are sitting in. Also in terms of the stress we place on the tissues  when we are sitting it is at a level that is very tolerable and easily adaptable to.