I wanted to let you know about this great little blog by Mandy and Owain Williams Running Beside Me. It covers their own running experiences, reviews of different products, general thoughts and ramblings plus they organise a little trail running group the Foxy Trail Runners if you fancy the idea of getting in some trail running but don’t like the idea of going out on your own. They cover both ends of the running spectrum with Owain having a 35 min 10k and sub 3 hour marathon and Mandy more of a social but serious runner. It’s a great little blog by local Edinburgh runners and I recommend you check it out.


When training is your job.

Just because your job is to play a sport at the highest level it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the process, not that it’s fun all the time but then who’s job is? Here’s a video from British tennis pro Heather Watson who reach the final of the Hobart International yesterday by beating her American opponent, Alison Riske, 6-3, 7-5.

Saturday inspiration

I picked this up off Twitter and it’s amazing to watch as double amputee Hector Picard changes the inner tube on his bike using his teeth, stump and feet. Hector received a massive electric shock and fell two stories on fire ending with 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 40% of his body but to say he hasn’t let this stop him doing things is an understatement as he is the first double amputee to complete an Iroman triathlon and has completed over 70 other triathlons.