Avoid Being One Of The 70% Of Runners Who Get Injured Every Year
Are you running with the handbrake on?

We take our cars I to get serviced to ensure that everything is working well. Your car has to pass an MOT every year to ensure it is safe to be on the road. 

If the brakes are seizing or the wheels out of alignment these all have an impact on how well the car performs and you'll fail the MOT.

If the wheels are out of alignment the car will work but will handle badly and you’ll go through tyres very quickly.

If the brakes are seizing then the car will not stop well and in an emergency might fail you.

If the fuel filter is clogged then you will use more fuel.

This is the same as running with tight hamstrings, or calves or quads. 

You cannot run well or as fast as you might want to if any of these are an issue.

Just like the wheel alignment or seizing brakes if they aren’t sorted a bigger problem is around the corner.

Something is causing the hamstrings or calves to stay stiff and all the stretching in the world will not fix it. You actually know this because you stretch regularly to help stop it happening. Yet as you read this you can still feel how stiff your calves are after the last run you did.

You might even get a regular massage to help alleviate the problems. This is a like changing the tyres when they are worn if the wheels are out of alignment. You are spending money on dealing with the symptom not the cause.

Why not book a FREE Running performance Screen and find out what is holding you back from running injury free.

In the appointment I look at the 7 areas that have the biggest impact on your running.  

You’ll find out how you stack up in the most important strength, coordination and movement drills that you need to be able to do to run injury free.
"I've been running through the pain barrier for a good 3 months"

"At the end of the run, my right hammie was really sore even to touch. Today I can't stride out properly when walking, without feeling pain. "

"After about 3 weeks rest and loads of stretching, my achilles is still slightly uncomfortable"

Don't waste any more time resting, trying to run off or through these potential long term injuries.

Apply now & find out how to nip them in the bud when they are "just" tight hamstrings or calves.
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