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How (and why) our FREE discovery visit can be the best decision you make about your back pain this year.
Back Pain is so common, 80% of the population will experience it at some point, that you'd think it was normal.

You would also think it was something completely different from any other area of the that is causing you pain.


A thousand mile journey begins with one small step.”

Simply getting a better understanding of your own situation is a great first step to moving towards being free of your back pain.

Our FREE back pain discovery sessions are the first step in our 6 step process to helping you achieve your goals.

What can you expect from your discovery session?

#1.  A better understanding of your back pain.

You will walk away with a better understanding of your particular problem. We will dig into the history. Not just over the last few weeks but what happened a few months and even years ago.

#2. An appreciation of what your real goals are.

When we talk about what your goals are it's never the first answer that reveals what would make a life changing difference to you. It's unlikely to be the second or third either. Once we get there we can lay out what your personalised "return to play" program would look like.

#3. A knowledge that you are not alone.

I deal with clients who are suffering from back pain every week. I've even had a couple of nasty incidents myself. Once falling over in the middle of a game of rugby because of it! You will finish the discovery visit knowing that we are here to support you in achieving whatever your dreams are.

To make it easier to begin we've made the first step free.

There are a strictly limited number of these available each week. 

Don't miss out on the chance to make a better informed decision on your health and happiness.

Grab your FREE Discovery session NOW and take the first step to achieving your goals.

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