Stress and injury – why they’re related

Stress and injury are related and today’s blog is about why. Stress is part of life, it is something that is impossible to avoid. How we deal with stress is the same regardless of the type. The body reacts to both physical or psychological stressors in exactly the same way. By pushing our nervous system towards a sympathetic state or, more simply, a flight or fight response. In the sympathetic state, we are ready for action, to run away from the lion if you will. The opposite of this is the parasympathetic state where we recover from the time spent in the sympathetic state.

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Do you sit too much?

There have been quite a number of blog posts, and here’s another, about the effects of sitting for long periods on our health, the one I came across today was referencing a paper which talked about how sedentary behavior is detrimental to our cardiovascular health. The paper talks about how being more active through the day can aid our well being alongside regular exercise and discusses how simply getting up and moving around regularly through the day can help along with going for a short walk during breaks. Continue reading “Do you sit too much?”

More on sleep and recovery

A little while ago I had a post and links to a couple of articles about the negative impact of not getting enough sleep on weight gain, diabetes risk and the desire to exercise. Today’s link looks at sleep and recovery and how a lack of sleep can affect your recovery. While the post addresses exercise it applies equally well to dealing with stress in any form, good quality sleep is important and we should make the effort to ensure we get enough of it.