The week in review

Here are a few bits and pieces from what I’ve been reading this week.

Ben Cormack at Cor-Kinetic makes some great points regarding joint mobility and our ability to express range of movement in a joint. It has become almost a must do before you do any kind of workout and yet aggressively going after increased range of movement pre workout may not aid your performance and may, in fact, actually hinder it or at least be a waste of time as you don’t need the extra ROM or have no control over it so your brain won’t allow you to access it. Here is Ben’s article.

This one from Running Times looks at different strategies for recovery. Whilst it is aimed at runners the principles apply to all sports with the bottom line being that unless you are getting enough sleep and eating enough quality food no amount of ice baths, compression gear, or creatine will make any difference.

Richmond Stace talks about Andy Murray’s cramps and what might actually cause them and it’s not dehydration or salt deficiency.




Moving in the morning

Ryan DeBell over at The Movement Fix has started his Moving in the Morning series which will run through July providing some great ideas for starting the day. I think it is really worth checking these videos out and giving the ideas a try.

What’s so special about the human brain?

Whilst this blog is about and I am essentially someone who deals with bodies and how we can help improve our movement, reduce pain, deal with injuries etc I felt this TED talk was well worth sharing as there is no way of getting away from the role the brain has in all of this. Neuroscientist Suzana Herculano-Houzel presents some really interesting ideas about the brain.