My glutes aren’t firing?

“My glutes aren’t firing” is something that I hear all too often. What makes you think that your glutes aren’t firing? How did you come to this conclusion? Did a therapist or trainer tell you? Did you read it on the internet that sitting at a desk all day will mean your glutes aren’t firing? It is then associated as the cause of a number of probl

ems from back pain to illiotibial band syndrome.


glute bridge exercise

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Why are you using rehab exercises in your training?

I often find when clients develop nonspecific aches and pains they start, almost randomly, introducing low load rehab work into their program in an attempt to solve the problem.  This is usually done after a quick google search which makes various reasonable suggestions as to what might be wrong and the exercises to do to help the problem. This though really doesn’t tackle the problem well, if at all, given it misses out looking at why the aches and pains developed to begin with.

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More glutes

A client recently paid for an appointment for their sister who asked “will he do my glutes?”. Anybody who’s read the blog or been in for an appointment regarding back pain knows I think they need a bit of attention, both in terms of bodywork and with prehab/rehab exercise. Here’s a good one my friend Chris let me know about from Zach Dechant’s blog.