My posture is fine

I posted a link on the facebook page a little while ago about the great  article on Katy Says regarding posture and the alignment of your pelvis. I thought it might  be good to expand here with regards to what I’m seeing/wanting to do with it.

Often when talking to a new client about their posture they will feel that it’s ok, that they don’t slouch etc. Yet when you get away from thinking about slouching/hunched posture and look at how the shoulder/hip/knee line up it’s quite obvious that it isn’t fine at all, just as Katy points out in the article. Continue reading “My posture is fine”

CORE Myofascial Therapy

At the weekend I completed the CORE Myofascial Therapy certification program. The class was run by George Kousaleos, the founder of the CORE Institute in Tallahasse, Fl, and ran for 6 pretty intense days. While quite “full on” it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience with the course covering; Myofascial Spreading, Arthrokinetics, CORE Foot Specific work, CORE Release, CORE Back Specific and End work.  Continue reading “CORE Myofascial Therapy”

Getting more fun out of going for a run

I started and stopped a couple of times last year in trying to add running into my own exercise program as it was just too uncomfortable. Now I’m not against exercise being uncomfortable but there’s a big difference between the discomfort of hard work and feeling like I’m actually damaging my body and it was the latter that I was feeling.  I’d heard Chris McDougall on the radio talking about his book “Born to Run” and had a few conversations with a couple of friends regarding barefoot running and running shoes etc and decided to ditch my nice new trainers. It was the middle winter and I wasn’t all that interested in running barefoot so I stuck a very old pair of Addidas Sambas on instead and went for a run. Continue reading “Getting more fun out of going for a run”

It might not be your back

When I get a new client one of the more common problem areas they come to me with will be their lower back. There’s also a pretty good chance that they spend most of the day sitting down so the source of the problem can, in some respects, be easy to identify. Aside from poor posture and its associated problems one of the biggest contributory factors are the gluteals and gluteus medius in particular. Continue reading “It might not be your back”

Home work

Using a high density foam roll is becoming quite popular to enable you to do a bit of “home work” I have one myself and use it between hands on sessions. This a pretty reasonable video of how to get the best out of one.

Welcome to my blog

Welcome! The aim of this blog is to be a source of useful information and advice to help you improve the quality of your movement, to help you be more effective in your training and generally look after yourself. I’ll also post a variety of articles covering strength training, stretching and mobility exercises, tips on how to improve your posture, common injuries and self care advice for these. The advice given is so that you have an idea of where you might start but remember to always get checked by a professional if you have a problem as otherwise you are doing so at your own risk.  If there are topics you would be interested in know more about please feel free to contact me or post a comment.
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it.

Shoulder excercise video

This is the first in a great series of exercises to help deal with shoulder problems. I’ll put the other links up later but if you can’t wait thery’re on the side menu and you want to do them as the name suggest in YTWL order.

Run barefoot

barefoot running

If you are preparing for a marathon.. while I’m not suggesting you look to change the way you run now, or to run barefoot, this guy has some interesting things to say.

Barefoot runningbarefoot running