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Restart your running with a proven program tested on hundreds of runners
What do you learn from treating 100’s of injured runners and getting back running better than before?

A lot!

99% of the runners I was seeing were getting injured because their training was rubbish. It was so common that I developed the 3 month running restart to guide them into more productive running. 

Getting them to train in a manner that would not lead to injury..

When they came in and we chatted about their training program there was little or no thought put into it.

Too much. Too often. Too hard. Not hard enough. They were all in there.

After guiding them through their rehab I saw many revert back to their old ways. Wasting the time, effort and money they had spent getting over their injury.

Using the 80/20 principle the program focuses only on what is effective. Leaving aside all the crap so you can focus on what works.

I’ve done all the work so that you don’t have to.

Running is a simple activity. You put one foot in front of the other and repeat. 

If that is the case why do so many people end up injured?

Because they over complicate it. 

It is simple but there are many reasons why it can go wrong. Lots of ways you can get distracted into doing ineffective work. Training that is detrimental to your goal of being a better runner.

Imagine a car running with the handbrake on. It does not run well. 

The brakes will overheat and stop working. 

The alignment will go off and wear out the tyres.

It is no different with running. 

If you are getting the basics wrong with your training you’ll breakdown.

How good would it be to take the handbrake off and run freely? Faster and smoother than you have before.

That is what the 3 month running reset is for.

Here is some of what you’ll learn;

*How to avoid being one of the 70% of runners who get injured every year.

*Why listening to music when you are running isn’t a good idea.

*How to pick your running shoes.

*Why a little bit of weight training is a great idea.

*Why stretching is a waste of time.

*The real deal on heel striking

* I'll show you how to check if you have any major movement hand brakes.

* Learn how to injury proof your training.

* I'll be giving you tips on how to prevent injuries from happening...

It will revolutionise your training. 

Included in the the course will be video lessons improve...

* Running technique
* Exercises to strengthen the hips
* How to assess if your weak areas
* Warm up drills...

... and much, MUCH More!

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Keith Fowler - "Walked in with a I.T. Band issues that I've had on & off for years and also had six weeks to go before my first half marathon and within two seasons it was fixed. At the end of my six sessions I am now a faster stronger runner, it's all down to Colin's knowledge & professionalism. "

Aaron Inglis - “I really can't recommend Colin enough - his service allowed me to complete 26.2 miles of the hottest London marathon on record, when I really did think 6 months ago that my running days were over!!".

Laura Wallace - "I cant thank Colin enough. He was was brilliant. I hurt my hip training for a marathon. After seeing Colin with this issue i am now able to run pain free again and do my half marathon coming up which i never thought id be able to do, but with all Colin's help this is possible."

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