Dynamic movement skills

I was on the Dynamic movement skills course in November and have been integrating it into the treatment of one or two clients over the last month with great success. We are getting very noticeable differences in as little as a couple of sessions so I’m really looking forward to rolling this out as a stand alone system in the January.

The course works on developing and refining neuromuscular efficiency and motor patterns. This helps improve gross motor skills, balance, rhythm, coordination, speed and agility. These ultimately help to increase movement competence and confidence during daily activities and sport. In re-educating the neuromuscular system we are able to react more quickly and dynamically and through working in all planes of motion develop more rounded movement skills. The system also aids in correcting single leg dominance and through the progressive nature of it develop dynamic balance and core engagment which in turns allows for the development of better turning ability in sport.WP_20141220_001


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