Arm swing when we walk



We all want to move better, more fluently and smoothly. A quick take home I got from the DMS course last weekend was that most of us, I include myself here, don’t really use our arms correctly when we walk. What we are more likely to do is get what appears to be arm swing from rotation of the shoulder girdle rather than from the shoulder joint itself. 

I have been doing this through the week when walking and running. When I was walking I really noticed an ache in my mid thoracic area which might indicate that I was starting to rotate more there I have been doing in the past and is something, the thoracic rotation, you’d expect from getting the arms more actively engaged. I also made an effort to use the technique when I was out for a run and here rather than feeling it in the thoracic spine I noticed it in my glutes, again something that should happen from the active arm swing is a greater engagement of the glutes.

So why not give it a try, get your arms swinging and see what happens.

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