Turkish get up

A couple of weeks ago in the post More moving in the morning I talked about how you can use the simple act of getting up, and back down, off the ground as a means of introducing interesting and varied movement into your day. In the post one of the more structured ways that I suggested was the turkish get up. This exercise can be performed with a number of slight variations depending on where or from whom you learn it. It is though whichever way you decide to do it a great full body movement that takes you through a number of different planes and asks some interesting questions of your body. In the video’s below Dean Somerset does a great job of running through the different phases of the movement on his Youtube channel. If you don’t already then I recommend subscribing to it.


Whilst Dean is using a kettlebell it works just as well with dumbbells though you might want to go lighter as they are harder to stabilise and is a great movement done “naked” using a plastic cup or similar item.

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