More moving in the morning

A few weeks ago I mentioned Ryan DeBell at The Movement Fix putting together a simple set of movements/exercises to help you prepare for the day ahead. Taking nothing away from the ideas that Ryan put on the video but perhaps building on  them we can, in some ways, simplify things further. Rather than looking at a set of different movement drills we can look at the simple act of getting up and down off the floor and the different aspects of it. As it provides a rich variety of movements getting up off the floor, and back down, provides great stimulation to the brain and how it is involved in helping us move well.

Practicing rolling from your back onto your front as in this clip from a Feldenkais class is a great start and can be done as either a starting position from which you progress to standing or as in the clip where you do it as an exercise in and of itself. Or you could do this movement where you roll into a sitting position and again progress to standing or do it on its own. To stand from this position as done in this class the progression flows on from the previous position into this movement.

You could also use the Get Up exercise and dispense with any added weight as demonstrated by PJ Striet here. The movement can be broken down as demonstrated brilliantly by Dan John in this clip and you could work through the 3 positions he shows and stop there or move to standing either way you have a great all round movement.

You could also work in a less formal manner and simply roll from your back onto your front, from there to all fours and from all fours to standing in which ever way you like. This may be the way to start things off and slowly work into the more formalised versions in the clips I’ve attached but however you do it spending some time getting up and down of the floor can do wonders for how you move in general.


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