Lorimer Moseley on the brain and mind in chronic pain

Here’s a great presentation from Lormier Moseley the man of the moment, or at least one of the more more well known ones, in many ways with regards to improving our understanding of pain.

“Professor Lorimer Moseley holds the Inaugural Chair in Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia as well as being a Professor of Neurosciences. He completed his PhD in 2002 and has both learned and shared wisdom at the Universities of Queensland, Sydney and Oxford before settling in Adelaide. He leads the Body in Mind Research Group and coauthored the best-selling ‘Explain Pain’.

In this podcast he answers questions from Ebonie Rio, Department of Physiotherapy, Monash University, covering the important difference between pain and nociception, and sharing thoughts on how pain science can help clinicians working in sports medicine.”

British journal of Sports Medicine


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