Injury Prevention

Often in pursuit of our training goals we spend too much time training too hard chasing after a particular time, distance or weight and not enough time laying the groundwork that would help achieve these goals. To help avoid injury in your training take your foot of the gas for most of the year and just pick 2 or 3 6 week periods to really go after it can help the process of achieving these goals whilst avoiding injury. That doesn’t mean your not looking for improvement for most of the year you are just not chasing after it.

Taking your time to develop a good base in your training reserve where the focus is more on accumulating quality sessions in a range that doesn’t stress you out too much will make it easier to hit your targets later. Working in a range that you know you can deal with regardless of what else is happening makes it easier to manipulate training sessions to accommodate life’s other stresses strains whilst getting quality work done. For the in season athlete trying to deal with the stress of competition week in week out this makes more sense too.

For those who can pick and choose when they want to pick it is even easier as it is entirely up to them when to shift up, or down, focus and pick an event or time of year they know will have a better chance of dealing with the increased stress of upping the intensity in training. During the rest of the year this does not mean that we aren’t looking for improvements it simply means that we take our time over it. In doing so recovery is easier to manage and therefore we reduce the chances of injury from constantly running to close to the edge of our abilities.

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