Sports Therapy and Massage Services

  • Dynamic Movement Skills

    How can using the DMS principles help you? The sedentary life style that comes with modern office work often causes movement pattern issues. Have you ever been told you have weak or “lazy” glutes and been given exercises that didn’t really change anything? Strengthening the...
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  • Sports Therapy

    What is Sports Therapy? Sports Therapy is what you are after if you have injured yourself rather than sports massage, though the same technques will be used as part of the treatment. Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the...
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  • Sports Massage

    Sports Massage refers to the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body, specifically hands on soft tissue treatments. Outside of the pre and post event the focus is on aiding recovery in general and more specifically where there may be an injury. Regular...
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  • Deep Tissue Massage

    What is Deep Tissue Massage? The most massage like of the services at PST Deep Tissue Massage is great for really helping you relax. Much less specific than either Sports Therapy or Sports Massage it is still a very effective way to keep on top of...
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  • FAQ’s

    Precautions Massage is not recommended in cases where you may suffer from the following conditions: infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds immediately after surgery immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor people with osteoporosis should consult their doctor before getting a...
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