With the London Marathon coming up this month and Edinburgh next month we can see that many people run as a means of keeping fit. Whist many choose to run as a means of keeping fit many do not run well and little thought is given to improving running technique but lots of thought is given to which shoe to buy. In a lot of the chat about¬† running a large portion often seems to be given over to which shoes to choose, minimalist/light weight vs motion control or somewhere inbetween.¬† Much less seems to be given over to the improvement of ones running technique or the need to be strong enough to withstand the rigors of running.

  In a story on the BBC yesterday talked about how cardiovascular fitness can aid in maintaining brain function. 3,000 people, average age 25, in Minnesota were tested on a treadmill then again 20 years later. Those who had the smallest differences in the treadmill tests were found to score higher in the memory and thinking tests, even after being adjusted for factors such as smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol.