Playground or classroom?

I came across this posted on Facebook which I thought was quite interesting. The post talks about how time spent playing is perhaps more important to a child’s brain development than time in the classroom. This is not to say that children shouldn’t be spending time learning to read and write but that there are great benefits to having young children playing as part of the learning process. A benefit of this would be that the children are encouraged to exercise more in an informal way as the playing of games etc will see them running around. Encouraging the children to play more also helps with performance in the classroom as I noted in this post. Continue reading “Playground or classroom?”

Are you drinking enough or too much?

I picked this one up this morning from Active Therapy’s daily update.  For sometime now the importance of being properly hydrated in general and in sporting activities in particular but there is a big difference in consuming enough water and pouring the stuff down your neck with any thought. The effects of dehydration are well covered but the effects of over hydration aren’t spoken of with anything like the same frequency.

More moving in the morning

A few weeks ago I mentioned Ryan DeBell at The Movement Fix putting together a simple set of movements/exercises to help you prepare for the day ahead. Taking nothing away from the ideas that Ryan put on the video but perhaps building on  them we can, in some ways, simplify things further. Rather than looking at a set of different movement drills we can look at the simple act of getting up and down off the floor and the different aspects of it. As it provides a rich variety of movements getting up off the floor, and back down, provides great stimulation to the brain and how it is involved in helping us move well. Continue reading “More moving in the morning”

August visitors

It’s a busy month in Edinburgh during August with The Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Book Festival going on and its been no exception in the clinic. This August we’ve had quite a number of the performers from the Fringe and the Tattoo along with touring cricketers. Continue reading “August visitors”

Mobile phone issues

My mobile phone number is down for the next few days but I can still be contacted on the land line, 0131 208 0684, which diverts to my temporary number. Things should be back to normal in the next few days.

Do you sit too much?

There have been quite a number of blog posts, and here’s another, about the effects of sitting for long periods on our health, the one I came across today was referencing a paper which talked about how sedentary behavior is detrimental to our cardiovascular health. The paper talks about how being more active through the day can aid our well being alongside regular exercise and discusses how simply getting up and moving around regularly through the day can help along with going for a short walk during breaks. Continue reading “Do you sit too much?”