I've mentioned in the blog before the idea of different foot strikes when you are running be they forefoot, midfoot or rear foot. A rear foot or heel strike tends to get a bad press, especially when the idea of running barefoot was at it's peak yet there is nothing wrong with running with a heel strike vs mid or forefoot and most of us will tend towards a heal strike until we are running at a sufficiently high pace. You will also tend to see even faster runners or those who tend towards a mid/forefoot strike moving towards a heel strike as they tire, most noticeable during longer races such as marathons or the running portion of an IronMan.

This is a really interesting podcast from The Well Rounded Athlete. It is a discussion with Dr Jim Afremow and whilst it is looking at things from the point of view of athletic performance you could apply the principles to all walks of life. Dr. Afremow is a leading mental performance consultant, and the author of The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive

There have been a few stories out this week with titles such as "Fast running is as deadly as sitting on a couch, scientists find" , "Stop binge jogging" , "Too much jogging 'as bad as none at all'"  after  an article was published in the Journal of the American College Cardiology about the Copenhagen City Heart Study. The study found that light to moderate running was associated with living longer in comparison to being sedentary but running more often/strenuously did not. There were some serious limitations in the study as pointed out in this article about the reactionary press response on the NHS website and that Alex at Sweat Science , who is always worth a read, point out.